About us

About Us

The Association Certified Knowledge Management Professionals Is A Premier Knowledge Management Practitioners Organization For Certifying Knowledge Management Auditors, Knowledge Management Technicians and Knowledge Management Specialists and expert provider of certification, training and education.

Who Are We

The ACKMP is the world’s Premier Knowledge Management Professionals for KM Auditors, KM Technicians and KM Specialists and expert provider of certification, training and education. Our organization is impacting all Knowledge Management Auditor Professionals with the expertise needed to excel in their career worldwide. We offer scholarships to college students who are interested pursuing undergraduate or advanced studies in the field of Information, Business and Knowledge Management. Our Leadership Structure is made up of experts and proven leaders in various career field especially in Knowledge Management environment


Professional Environment

Create an environment for professional growth among ACKMP members and ensure mutual respect for Knowledge Management practitioners.


Value Added Membership

Assist ACKMP members to be the best and give them access to the tools that will help them success and thrive in the Field of Knowledge Management.

Great Ethical Conduct

Ensure members conduct themselves with integrity in our actions when executing our professional duties while exemplifying the established standards.


Chief Knowledge Officer

Looking for a well trained to articulate a knowledge management (KM) program strategy. This task is twofold: To make employees aware of the nature and value potential of knowledge; and sell the concept of KM to both corporate and senior leadership.

Senior Executive Assistant

Looking for a well trained Executive Assistant to provide administrative, clerical and logistical support to the Chairman Board of Directors. To review, edit and formatting documents; arrange travel and other meeting logistics; prepare PowerPoint presentations; research and monitor legislative and regulatory actions.