ACKMP Membership gives you access to various resources, great deals and savings on ACKMP products including Certification Exams, Conferences and Exam Prep Materials. A typical Exam Prep Materials cost $1500 but ACKMP members pay only $750 while the CKMA®, CKMT® & CKMS® Certification exams cost $500 but members pay only $250 to seat for all four stages of exams.

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As a Registered Member:

You receive the KM-Audit News which serves the overall Knowledge Management Auditor Professionals newsletters containing valuable industry related information and articles.
You become eligible to apply for the Certified Knowledge Management Auditor (CKMA)®, Certified Knowledge Management Specialist (CKMS)® & Certified Knowledge Management Technician (CKMT)® & Certified Knowledge Management Enterprise (CKME)® professional designation.
You will have access to ACKMP resources and receive discounts on CKMA®, CKMT®, CKMS® & CKME® Assessment, Exams and modules.
You will be a part of the Knowledge Management Auditor Professional community and enjoy the networking opportunities and enhance your standing within your organization.

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You Must Do The Following:

You must be a currently enrolled in a four year college or graduate from any accredited university in the United States of America or around the world.
You must be a professional either in the field of Knowledge Management or an organization interested in establishing a Knowledge Management process
You must be over the age of 18 for student membership and must be enrolled in school or taking college credit and willing to provide three academic reference of professor who can attest for you.
You must NOT have been convicted of a misdemeanor, felony offense or been terminated from an employer with cause for fraud, wire fraud, child abuse, human trafficking, drug related criminal offenses, issues involving financial impropriety.